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sujith One app to know and grow your net worth

The all-in-one investing platform to track, trade, and grow your wealth with your existing accounts.

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Track your net worth. Trade with your existing accounts. Invest in top portfolios. Discover new opportunities. Access unique insights. All in one app.

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Bank-level security
We use AES data encryption and never save credentials.
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We don’t hold assets
We’re non-custodial, so your assets stay with your institutions.
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Your data is private
We don’t sell your data or share it with other companies.
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Track your
net worth

In real-time, with automatic smart pricing.
(And the little one, too)
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Track your investments, cash, real-estate, collectibles, and more.
Track everything.
Works with your existing accounts.
Support for 10,000+ accounts and wallets across 16+ chains.

Copy trade  
politicians & more

Copy politicians, hedge funds, and other strategies using your existing brokerage with no extra fees.

Optimize your
net worth

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Monitor dividends
Analyze your projected dividend income, view upcoming dividends and more.
Optimize your cash
See how much your cash is earning you and find opportunities to improve it.
Benchmark your portfolio
Compare all or part of your portfolio to key benchmarks.
Allocation breakdowns
Understand how your portfolio is diversified across different slices.
Trade insights
Find out how good of an investor you really are and how much you've made.
Emergency fund
Track your emergency fund to always be prepared for the unexpected.

One place for
all your trades

A unified trading experience to invest across your existing accounts with no additional fees.
Trade with your
existing accounts
Use your brokerage buying power for quick trades
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Get the best price
on crypto swaps
We use a DEX aggregator to match your swap with the best price
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No added
transaction fees.
We don’t let you get around your existing brokerage fees, sadly.
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investors like you

Inverse Cramer
Love being able to track my actual net worth in one app instead of logging into 5+ brokerages, super cool functionality and it looks amazing too!
Dividend Hero
This app has changed the way I track my finances. The UI is cutting edge and there are more features than I know what to do with. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about tracking their finances.
The Wealth Coach
Such a great tool! Not only can you track your net worth, but you can also follow the trades of some of the worlds most profitable traders. Recommend to anyone who cares about makin money through investing!
Love that I can track my portfolio in one app. Easy to link your accounts and beautifully designed.
Most of the other apps I used in the past missed my core holdings like NFTs and DeFi. This app integrates with both seamlessly and has my stocks too which is nice.
Can’t beat how easy to use this app really is. Was able to connect my accounts with no issues. This will be my primary trading platform from now on.
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I’ve been impressed with Roi! Super simple to use, breaks out my portfolio by asset type and love that I can get detailed views of each asset— or even trade directly from the app. This is what I’ve been looking for! Thanks!
Beautifully designed. I open it sometimes just to look.
I was extremely pleased with the way I could access my accounts so seamlessly. This app gives me the information to help me make timely decisions simply and quickly.
Can’t beat how easy to use this app really is. Was able to connect my accounts with no issues. This will be my primary trading platform from now on.
Love that I can track my portfolio in one app. Easy to link your accounts and beautifully designed.
Most of the other apps I used in the past missed my core holdings like NFTs and DeFi. This app integrates with both seamlessly and has my stocks too which is nice.
This app has made managing my finances so much easier! I can track all my investments in one place, make trades with ease, and access unique data about potential investments. The app is reliable and the customer support is great.
My go to app for checking all of my financial data accords crypto stocks literally everything. App is beautifully designed. Well done team!
Roi is a great app for tracking/managing finances. It was incredibly easy to download my information and understand my assets. Also, it was fun! I love the modern look of the app as well. Have already recommended to others!

We’ve got you covered.

Proactive steps to keep you safe. Support when you need it.
Each transaction requires biometric authentication to ensure your trades are safe.
You’re in control.
We use AES data encryption and
never save your account credentials.
Bank-level security.
You always own and control your assets,
we don’t keep them on Roi.
You can message us any time to help
answer questions or resolve issues.
24/7 support.
More about our security practices

Ads. Data sharing.

We’re tired of being sold, too.
We don’t sell your data or share it with other companies. We only use it to show you relevant news and community insights.
You aren’t the product.
We are here to build products that support your goals, not push you to buy products, services or make investments.
We aren’t here to upsell you.
More about data and privacy

Take control of your financial future.

Download Roi on iOS.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Is my personal and financial information secure on Roi?

Security is a top priority for our team.

All your accounts are connected securely. We do not store any usernames, passwords, or authentication content of any kind on the platform. We've partnered with platforms like Plaid to connect to your brokerage securely. Plaid is what's also used by Venmo, Chime, and many more financial apps as well. Read more here.

We are also non-custodial so we never hold any of your assets or funds (even your crypto wallets)— they always remain in the possession of your institution.

We employ a number of security measures to help keep your data safe, including 256-bit encryption to protect it at rest and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect it in transit. In other words, your data is encrypted while it is being stored and while interacting with our servers.

Read more about how we handle security and privacy here.

Are there any hidden fees or charges for using the app?

Roi is entirely free to use for everyone and we charge no additional fees anywhere.

We also charge no additional fees on all brokerage trades. Roi gets a small percentage of the gas fees you pay when executing transactions with your crypto wallet but that is covered by the network and never by you.

How does Roi make money?

Since we're venture backed by amazing investors like Kevin Durant, etc. we can afford to launch this product for free for everyone to use today. We don't sell your data or any of your information to 3rd parties ever.

As of today, we primarily make money through crypto transactions where we get a small percentage of the gas fee that doesn't impact your end price.

In the future, we may consider alternative ways to make money like premium features, subscription fees, and more. Our goal will always be to give you the best experience and to keep your data local, anonymous, and safe.

What types of assets and investments can I manage with this app?

We support a wide range of assets and investment types. From stocks, company equity, liabilities and bonds— to crypto, sneakers and watches— so your net worth is as accurate as possible. For a more complete list, see more details here.

Which brokerages, banks, and wallets can I connect to the app?

We support integrations with most brokerages, banks, and wallets.

Brokerages / banks:
We support 1000+ brokerages / banks including major ones like Robinhood, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E* Trade, and many more.

Exchanges: We support major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and more.

Crypto: We support all Ethereum & Solana wallets today. You can directly connect with most Ethereum wallets using WalletConnect as well.

See more details here.

How does trading with my existing accounts work?

On Roi, we work with your connected institution or blockchain to power transactions natively. We can't move money out of your account or place trades that you didn't approve.

For brokerages and exchanges like Robinhood, Coinbase, etc. we forward your trade order to the institution directly and instruct them to execute it on your account. All trades utilize your existing cash in that account (buying power) for buys and sells.

For crypto transactions like swaps, we forward your orders to 0x which is a swap aggregator. It handles the transaction while also giving you the best swap prices across multiple platforms like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and more.

One of my accounts isn’t supported. Do you have plans to support it?

Likely, yes! 

We're constantly working on adding support for more assets and accounts on Roi. If you don't see your account, contact us through the in app support or email us directly and we'll add it to our roadmap.

Can I access the platform on both desktop and mobile devices?

As of today you can only access Roi on iOS. We have plans to roll out an Android and desktop version towards the end of the year.

Are there any hidden fees for using the app?

In short, no. We don’t add any transaction fees, management fees or anything of the like for using the basic features of the app. In order to use premium features, there is a small flat-rate monthly subscription fee.